Saturday, June 30, 2018

Review Tour: Blood Match by K.A. Linde


As the provocative, sensual Blood Type series continues, the rare bond between Reyna and Beckham is threatened by betrayal, greed, and twisted secrets.

A desperate human. A powerful vampire. A world divided.
Reyna Carpenter was promised paradise. She was delivered into hell.
Giving up her body for money was supposed to be the hardest part of becoming a blood escort. She never expected to lose her heart to her dark, enigmatic boss, Beckham Anderson. After being taken by a depraved captor who plans to rule the world, Reyna will do anything to return to Beckham.
She just has to find the will to survive this game.
From the pawn, rises a queen.
Note: Reyna and Beckham’s story begins in Blood Type and continues in Blood Cure.


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My Review

Let me start by saying I really like Blood Type. It was different, but well written. Sometimes difficulty to connect, but intriguing all the same. Reyna was annoying, but who wouldn't be with a lack of showers. Lastly, Beckham, well his name alone should have cause a bit of social anxiety, but he was cold a distant, because he had a lot of crap going on. So, after my 5-star review of the first installment of  this series, I was hopeful for so many reasons to read Blood Match by K.A. Linde, the second book of this series. Bay-bay, let me tell you, Blood Match  was EVERYTHING! 


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