Thursday, May 18, 2017

Review Blitz: The Wright Boss by K.A. Linde

About the Wright Boss

A new stand alone office romance from USA Today bestselling author K.A. Linde...

I’ve always had one rule:

Don’t mix business and pleasure.

But then Landon Wright comes home to his family’s construction company with a broken back and a beaten heart and ends up as my new sexy boss. As the office gets heated, I’m thinking about throwing the rulebook out the window.

If only there weren’t a million reasons this could never work.

We may have shared a single perfect kiss, but I can’t let our intense connection cloud my judgment. Not with everything I’ve worked for on the line.

Dating your boss is so very, very wrong…even if he feels so Wright.

My Review

TWBoss iBooksHave you ever read a book that was so much of everything that you just had to take a break even just before the ending? Well let me tell you  this and stop tip-toeing around the issue ...The Wright Boss by K.A. Linde is all of that and then some. In this , the second book of this series of standalone novels about the gorgeous, rich and powerful Wright Family, we learn that the sparks we saw sputtering in the first novel The Wright Brother, were just the start of a 5-alarm fire between Landon Wright and Heidi.

Previously, we learned that Landon is the ex-boyfriend of Heidi's lifelong best friend. I guess we could stop there with all the things not in their favor, but the odds against these two just continue to stack up, with Landon being at the end of a very broken marriage and professional golf career that is laying in ruins.  After filing for divorce, moving back home, Landon takes a job with the family's construction company that is the largest in the country. 

Heidi on the other hand is a fighter. She is one the only female in the engineering department and very aware and proud of her accomplishments. She has worked hard all of her life to be better than the hand that was dealt to her, but her fight isn't so ferocious when it comes to Landon.

Everything about the start of their relationship on is complicated. I mean with the crazy soon to be ex-wife Miranda, to the ride or die Wright Family. Like, to say they had a lot going on is an understatement and the wooing, the drama, and the complications carry you all the way to the very that turn or swipe of the page. 

I digress. I enjoyed this one just as I enjoyed the first book of the series, because this author is just good. I mean, she can truly tell a story that is as authentic as a conversation with your best girlfriend. And in spite of the drama, the steamy moments, and the moments, its also a book about second chances in life, love, and family. So, because of all the things I mentioned and all the things I haven't, because you need to run & read it for yourself, I am giving The Wright Boss 5-stars. 

I just can't get enough the Wright family and am looking forward to reading the Wright Mistake coming Summer 2017. I wondering will Morgan get her own book? Things that make you go hmmmm...

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About the Author

K.A. Linde is the USA Today bestselling author of more than fifteen novels including the Avoiding series and the Record series. She has a Masters degree in political science from the University of Georgia, was the head campaign worker for the 2012 presidential campaign at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and served as the head coach of the Duke University dance team. She loves reading fantasy novels, geeking out over Star Wars, binge-watching Supernatural, and dancing in her spare time.

She currently lives in Lubbock, Texas, with her husband and two super adorable puppies.

Monday, May 15, 2017

Children of Vice by: J.J. McAvoy

About Children of Vice

I, Ethan Antonio Giovanni Callahan, first son of the former head of the Irish mob, Liam Alec Callahan, and former head of the Italian mafia, ex-governor, Melody Nicci Giovanni Callahan, solemnly swear to ruthlessly protect our family name, business and way of life, no matter the cost to me or anyone else. I shall show no mercy, I shall offer no forgiveness, there will be no peace for those who stand against me.

I will live for my family.
I will kill for my family.
I will marry for my family.

I, Ivy O'Davoren, the only daughter of Shay O'Davoren, solemnly swear to ruthlessly and mercilessly exact revenge on the Callahans and all those who betrayed my father and family.

I will live for revenge.
I will kill for revenge.
I will marry for revenge.

My Review

I am a fan of J.J. McAvoy's Ruthless People series, so when I was given the opportunity to read Children of Vice, I was more than ecstatic! In this novel, we are introduced to an adult Ethan Callahan and his siblings and cousins who were just kids in the Ruthless People series. It was cute and refreshing to learn the paths their lives had taken after the death of Ethan's parents, Liam & Melody Callahan. 

Ethan was indeed ruthless! I think he was an equal blend of both his parents and in Children of Vice his biggest problem isn't just the "family's business", but the family. He wants to start his own, but he also is trying to keep him, his brother Wyatt and his sister Donna, a family. In the process, we meet the new queen of the family Ivy, with all kinds of issues and although she is truly a victim of her environment, she is a woman of action. If Ivy can do anything at all to alter her circumstances, no matter the situation, she acts. I mean they do not give her the name "Beautiful Poison" for nothing. 

This novel has so much good and bad with the world in it and is a read you will think about for days on end after you've read the last word. These character came to life and you could see their complexities and not so complex moments that seemed so lifelike. I was definitely fascinated by the Callahans before, so Children of  Vice just added an additional layer of intrigue.

Friday, May 5, 2017

Blog Tour: Sin with Me by J.T. Geissinger

Geissinger-SinWithMe-23514-CV-FT-V6 (1)


The past she can’t remember. The secret he hides. And a love that’s worth risking it all.

After a devastating car crash stole both her family and her memory, Grace Stanton was left with no past and an uncertain future. Now Grace likes to keep things simple. No sleepovers, never date a guy more than a month, and never, ever fall in love. Which is exactly why Grace avoids Bad Habit’s lead guitarist, Brody Scott, at all costs. The green-eyed, sexy-as-hell musician has “trouble” tattooed all over him, and Grace isn’t taking any chances with her heart.

Brody knows he doesn’t deserve an amazing woman like Grace—her creamy skin, red hair, or that smart mouth that fuels his every fantasy—but there’s something between them that’s more than chemistry. Something real. He’ll just have to convince Grace that he’s worth the risk—and hide the secret that haunts his worst dreams. But when fate plays a cruel hand, Brody’s darkest sin suddenly threatens his last chance at redemption…and the life of the woman he loves.

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My Review

I have patiently awaited the release of this title for what seemed to be a very long time, and I can honestly say I was not disappointed with Sin with Me by J.T. Geissinger. This third installment of the Bad Habit series was everything the fans of the bad by the same name and the three best friends who have fallen for them have been waiting for and then some. In this installment, we have the divine pleasure of learning more about hard-hitting, in your face, do what I want, Grace Stanton. In earlier books of this series we learn about the accident that robbed her of her memories of her family and her youth, but we never quite knew who she was since then and how she copes with her inner turmoil and when she is home alone with just her thoughts that keep her awake a night.

Then there is Brody Scott. Musical prodigy and lead guitarist of the chart topping band Bad Habit and the man that has the cutest boyish crush on Grace that has spanned the series. Brody has secrets. The kind of secrets that he replay in his mind like a bad re-run of any 80’s sitcom that remind him of his past and haunts even when he is awake. His secrets are a heavy cross that he carries with him daily, but with Grace, he began to believe that there is such a thing as redemption.  

Overall, I give this read 4.5-stars because it was a good story, much like the rest of this series. It has a little of everything… romance, drama, suspense, humor, steaminess, and even a few moments that will give you something to believe in that is much bigger than our own understanding. In this third and, I have the strangest feeling, not the last installment of the Bad Habit series, the author not only brings back all of the characters we have grown to know and love over the past months, but she also adds additional layers to each of them. She allows us to peak in to their new lives as their relationships grow and develop into a quirky family of their own choosing. So, because of all of these reason and a few more you will have to discover for yourself, I recommend that you run and read Sin with Me by J.T. Geissinger.

Don't forget to check out the rest of the books in this amazing rockstar romance series! I promise you will not be disappointed...


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