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Blog Tour & Giveaway: The Untouchables by JJ McAvoy


The Untouchables
Ruthless People #2
Publication Date: January 22, 2015
Also in this series:
The Untouchables
Tour: The Untouchables by J.J. McAvoy
Book 2 in the Ruthless People Trilogy.
"One Secret. Multiple Casualties.” 
Everything Melody Callahan has ever been told about her past is a lie. Her father lied. Her husband lied. But like all secrets…they come out. Not only is her mother, Aviela, alive but she won’t stop until she tears down everything Liam and Melody have spent the past year building.
With a new target on their back and the media now focused on their family as the Presidential election approaches, Liam and Melody must fight on two battlefronts. Melody is torn between being in love with Liam and wanting to kill him for lying to her. Being in love and showing love are two different things in her world. Liam wants to do anything to protect his family even if that means hurting the people he loves.
Family is everything… but what happens when they’re out for your blood? Everything they have been through is nothing compared to what is coming...

***Warning: This book contains adult language and subject matter including graphic violence and explict sex that may be disturbing for some readers. This book is not intended for readers under the age of 18.***
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J. J. McAvoy first started working on Ruthless People during a Morality and Ethics lecture her freshman year of college. X number of years later, she is an insomniac who has changed her major three times, and is a master in the art of procrastination. If you ask her why she began writing, she will simply tell you “They wanted to get their story out.”
She is currently working on her next novel . . . so please bug her on Twitter @JJMcAvoy





Thursday, January 15, 2015

Just The Way You Are by: Beverly Barton

The South sizzles New York Times bestselling author Beverly Barton's sultry tale of a woman torn between two brothers. . .

Mary Beth Caine has always been the good girl in her small Mississippi town. But when a big, protective, shamelessly sexy stranger offers to console her on the night of her disastrous engagement party, Mary Beth lets him--only to discover that Parr Weston also happens to be the older brother of her fiancé, Bobby Joe.

Parr left Mississippi after years spent holding his family together. Now that he's back, he can't steal Bobby r she deserves. But everything about the petite beauty--from her flame-gold hair to her artless sensuality--makes Joe's woman, and he sure can't offer Mary Beth the tidy happily-ever-after him crave her more. Love or lust, right or wrong, all he knows is that nothing has ever felt like this before, and walking away will be the hardest thing he's ever had to do...

Just the Way You Are by Beverly Barton was good! This was really a good story with a Southern setting in a small town in Mississippi and surrounding towns and Southern states. Mary Beth Caine was definitely a good girl that always tried to do the right thing that held her bound to her fiancé Bobby Joe. While on the other hand Bobby Joe had good intentions but always seemed to fall short, especially when it came to being honest and faithful. I mean, he stayed ready to chase a dress tail when he thought no one was looking even at his very own engagement party.

But don’t you cry for Little Miss Sunshine, Mary Beth just yet, because, after she caught Bobby Joe with an ex in a closet, getting it in at their engagement party; she found her refuge and an instant spark in the arms of a handsome stranger who turns out to be her future brother-in-law. That’s right Booby Joe’s big, bad, and oh-so-good-looking, brother Parr is the one that Mary Beth unknowingly runs to for comfort. However, after the instant spark with Parr, Mary Beth feels conflicted by what’s right and how he makes her feels.

Monday, January 12, 2015

Interview with Vivacia K. Ahwen

After reading Reaching Lily and posting my review I was presented with the opportunity to interview its author, Vivacia K. Ahwen. Here is what she had to say about her craft. I hope you enjoy.

SG: Congratulations on your first published book Reaching Lily! I really enjoyed reading it. 
VKA: Thank you so much! And also, much appreciation for having me as a guest on Run & Read That. 

SG: Why was this the ONE?
VKA: HarperCollins UK had just started an erotica ebook-only imprint, Mischief, and there was a call for books. I had just written Angels' Prey, a short paranormal...definitely covering some turf in just 120 pages: MMF/BDSM/Lords/Ladies/Servants/Angels/Demons, you name it. I sent the editor, Adam Neville, a copy. He found my sex scenes "evocative," but they were overrun with supernatural sex, and asked me to write a billionaire book. I sent him 75 pages of a comical Christmas smut novel, Maithian's Mistress;  plot a billionaire --who is an Elf-- trying to save a toy company. While Adam was amused, he wanted me to take the elf out of it. Maithian turned into Dorian, the toy company became a fitness company, et al. I tried to keep my voice in the story, and turn some literary tropes on their heads.

SG: How long did take you to complete this novel? 
VKA: Since I worked on Reaching Lily on/and off over a few years, I'm not sure. For several months I was preoccupied getting Angels' Prey on the market with an indie company (the editing process was a bear), but they collapsed a month after my book release. I got back in touch with Adam, and returned to Lily. I'd missed her.
SG: And when should we expect to read more about Lily and Dorian? 
VKA: I'm hoping June. Right now Mischief Books is moving to a new building, and I'm waiting on some paperwork. Luckily, the last 75 pages of the book were cut off for the sake of length and artistic differences of opinion....but I'm going to use them. So I'm already a good chunk into the sequel, Finding Lily.

Meanwhile, I've re-released Angels' Prey to fill the gap.  Gifted galley copies will be available for coming week on Amazon. Here's the link:

It's the first installment of the Dark Alchemy Series. Hope you check it out. I'm thinking it'll be a five-book flight of fancy.

 SG: And how many more books will there be in the [Reaching Lily] series?
VKA: Shooting for a trilogy: Reaching Lily, Finding Lily, and Saving Lily.
SG: Your characters are quite complex, with some of the complexities yet to be revealed, so what came first? The characters or the idea for the story?

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Love Bites by Rachel K. Burke

What do you do when you fall in love with your best friend’s boyfriend?

That is the question that twenty-six year-old Justine Sterling has been asking herself ever since the day she met David Whitman, her best friend Renee’s boyfriend. Justine is determined to ignore her growing feelings for the irresistibly charming David, until one night, when she finds herself in the bed of the one person she should stay away from.

When Justine and David’s affair ends in heartbreak, Justine is forced to repair the damaged friendship with her best friend. In doing so, she learns that right and wrong decisions aren’t always black and white, and sometimes you have to follow your heart to see where it leads.

Love Bites by Rachel Burke is a contemporary romance novel that gives you all of the oohs and aahs and even a few “oh no (s)he didn’t” to draw you in and hold your attention until the end. This novel is a story about how Justine Sterling was coping with the break-up from her boyfriend David Whitman, who just so happens to have been her childhood best friend, Renee’s boyfriend at the time they started dating. Justine is devastated throughout most of the novel as she is trying to get her life in order after she fled California to return home to lick her wounds. Meanwhile her best friend has moved on with her life with a new boyfriend and a new baby on the way. Justine eventually gets her life in order and realizes that things aren’t as bad as they seem, as she began to open her eyes to what was right in front of her all along.

Overall, the story was sweet and well written and the characterization was really good. So, if this is something you value in your romance novels, I would definitely recommend you jog on over to read Love Bites by Rachel Burke.



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