Sunday, September 20, 2020

Review Blitz: The Prince's Bride Part 1 by: J.J. McAvoy


I have not blogged about a book in a long time. Not because I haven’t read any good stories, but because time has simply not allowed me to reflect on the goodness of a great read. So, during a period of time when I was forced to unplug for a few days for the betterment of me, I was gifted with an ARC that reminded me of why I love to read. The Prince’s Bride Part One was nearly perfect!

J.J. McAvoy introduced us to Prince Galahad “Gale” of Ersovia, who is the typical playboy prince. However, his family needs him to grow up and take his princely duties seriously to save the monarchy. He is clearly reluctant, however duty to family and country decides his fate as he decides to go along with his brother’s latest plan, which involves Odette Wyntor.

Odette Wyntor is an American billionaire heiress, trying to live her best life, but her deceased father and dramatic mother just won’t let her be great. Why you may ask, because she can’t touch her millions or billions until she meets the stipulations her father outlined in his will. So, what happens when you put a dramatic mother and a financially strapped monarchy together, you get one heck of a story in the Prince’s Bride.

Now, this story had its fair share of twists and turns, but the characters were well developed and relatable in that it wasn’t a story that was so far-fetched that it was unbelievable. I enjoyed the pace of how Gale and Odette grew to know each other and came to a decision regarding their fate on their own terms. I know there is much more to discover with all the different relationships that are ever present in this story,  so I am looking forward to seeing how Gale and Odette continue to grow. This was truly a couple that was sweet and funny and all the things that will keep you wanting to read more about them.

I digress. Remember when I mentioned that this read was nearly perfect, I say that because it left one helluva cliff hanger. Like I felt left alone. Desolate. Confused. Anxious. Shall I go on? Anywho, enough with the dramatics, I am going to give this read 5-stars, because it is a great story with a multi-cultural cast of characters and so many of all the things you look for in a romance novel. I am going to recommend that you run and pre-order The Prince’s Bride Part One that is available at all of your major ebook retailers.


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