Monday, December 29, 2014

Reaching Lily by Vivacia K Ahwen

Dorian is Lily’s new boss and he wants to rule her, own her, control her, and awaken Lily to the sensuality she never knew she possessed.

Let him in, or run away?

Dorian Holder arrives at work to clean house and change everything, including his dealings with intern, Lily DeWitt. Soon, he’s demanding Lily be subservient both in the office and in his luxury suite.

Lily once believed that sometimes giving in, and being someone’s Everything For Now, could be the ultimate power. But relinquishing total control is altogether more than she bargained for, and falling in love was not part of their agreement.

Well, well, well, this was definitely an interesting read. I found Lily DeWitt in Reaching Lily by Vivacia Ahwen to be an interesting departure from the usual heroine. She was of course in distress but definitely not in a way that was common with this genre. She was a twenty-something year old that acted the part. She had a social life. She found herself in the darnedest and weirdest situations and although, I was not a wild child of her caliber, yet she was somehow relatable. Lily can best be described as that friend that was always up to something and nothing all at the same time. She was a college graduate and was under employed for a company that showed little to no interest in her knowledge and skills and she was didn’t know the wiser.

Then one day, the most arrogant Alpha males to ever grace my Kindle app’s screen entered her life as the owner of the company she worked for and shook things up. and forever changed her life. Dorian Holder was his name and being an A-hole was his game, as he changed the company her worked for and intruded on her girls-gone-wild life. He was a strange bird that has to be the most entitled jerk that knew what he wanted and when and how he wanted and he had his eyes set on that Lily.

Initially, I did not like him at all. I honestly thought I was not going to be able to finish the book because that ‘thang’ is a son-of-a-biscuit-eater’. But somewhere along the way, I actually started to like him in all of his awkwardness. And did I mention Dorian takes kink-foolery to an entire other level. However, as you read and hear from his sister you realized something is not quite right with him and I am still trying to determine is it because she is an over-protective younger sister or is something really off about that one.

I digress. Overall, I actually enjoyed their story. I really liked the way Lily and Dorian interacted with each other. How-so-and-ever, something is definitely missing from this story, a lot of storyline that remain unfinished, and is definitely off with Dorian. So, with an ending that left me dangling off of a random cliff in the Land of the Offa-doos, I am certainly looking forward to the follow-up novel.  

All-in-all, my recommendation would be to jog on over and read Reaching Lily by Vivacia Ahwen.

A complimentary copy was provided by Harper Collins via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

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