Thursday, December 4, 2014

The One by: Belle Ami

How well do you really know the one you love? An erotic novel full of obsessive love, dark secrets, and unquenchable lust, Belle Ami’s The One proves that no one is quite who they seem.

Adelia, a rising star in the equestrian world, is still reeling from her parents’ deaths in a tragic car accident when she meets green energy investment banker Miles Bremen and his charming yet inscrutable twin sister, Karolin. With his insatiable lust, Miles ignites a passion within Adelia she never knew existed, and the two quickly find themselves entwined in a torrid affair that knows no bounds. Little does Adelia know, however, that her meeting of the Bremen twins was no accident. Carefully selected as “the one” for her unsettling resemblance to the emotionally and physically damaged Karolin, Adelia is targeted to marry Miles and bear the children that Karolin cannot have.

The One is a razor edge mystery that enfolds on the playgrounds of the super rich, from Trump Tower to the Hamptons and Palm Beach; to the Amalfi Coast aboard Miles’s mega-yacht Green Way, The One is irresistible as the reader is drawn into Adelia’s journey through a suspenseful – and erotic world. An edge-of-your-seat thriller that will leave readers breathless in more ways than one, The One is an irresistible journey through—new territory that fans of romantic fiction are bound to love.

Well, well, well… the beginning of The One proved to be one of the most confusing, uninteresting, unrealistic start of a story I have read in a while. I was so confused by that I had to go back and re-read the description and restart the novel all over again, because I honestly thought I had clicked on the wrong title.

However, eventually, it all started to make a little bit of sense, but I was thrown off again by the formatting of the ARC that was provided via NetGalley. Still I pressed on and was thrown in the world of Equestrian competitions and horse breeding with dash of lifestyles of the rich and famous and global warming. I found the horse talk quite boring because it’s just not my thing. Nevertheless, I must give reverence where it is due to the details author Belle Ami used to paint the picture to tell her tale. I could have done without so much detail but I have to give credit where credit is due.

I digress. Adelia and Miles had a world-wind love affair where they met one week shortly after the death of her parents, got busy the next week, and were engaged by the third time they saw each other. They were married and honeymooned, lived, and vacationed with Miles’ twin sister Karolin. I think this is creepy on so many levels.

On the surface all seems fine until the creepy twin sister, Karolin and causes the doting, husband, father, brother, and mogul to lose it and pops off. With top secret deals and unrealistic promises… wait let me change that … Karolin was crazy and Miles was just a crazy for making impossible promises when matters of the heart are at stake. All this turmoil sent this story in an entire different direction that I was not expecting based on the shaky beginning and the questionable parts in between the start and finish of this read.

I thought this was just okay.  Overall, the story wasn’t bad, there were just parts that were over-done, slightly underdone, and not all that interesting. When the story was off it was off but when it was on it was captivating. The One was okay enough to hold on to my attention and cause me to want to read the follow-up The One and More because there was a major cliffhanger and it was interesting enough that I needed to read on and find out what happened between Adelia and Miles.

My suggestion would be to skip on over and read The One by Belle Ami and check it out for yourself, because who’s to say, the parts I found boring and interesting, you might find phenomenal.

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