Monday, February 17, 2014

Billionaire by: Juliette Jones

I was provided this book as an ARC from NetGalley in exchange for my honest review so here it goes…

No ma’am. No ham. No spam. I could not finish this book. I stopped just before chapter four. See, I get the whole sexual awakening and all that yaddah yaddah, but this book reads like a train wreck, you want to turn away but you are still hoping for the best. Initially, I told myself that the entire beginning of the book was inside of the main character’s Lila’s head. Like a daydream or fantasy of sorts and that she would awaken from it and be sitting in the lobby waiting to be interviewed by the story’s ‘hero’, Alexander Wolfe.

So I continued to read and because I just knew that I was missing something between the long internal dialogues and the minimal dialogues between the two characters (because they did ‘interact’ a whole lot…). I cannot believe that there was even a reference to any type of feminist thought in a book that made the main character seem like a two cent hookercat with no sense of self-awareness and a lack of plain ole everyday common sense. Like ma’am you started from the bottom, went to Princeton, and you should have know that, at the bare minimum, you should wear underwear to an interview. No underwear to an interview? And ma'am, it is most definitely not okay to allow strange men touch all over you in a sexual manner because you are all hot and bothered by the thought of one of them, that’s why you have other rooms and closets and bathrooms to disappear off too. I really just wanted to scream at her and say: "Lila, I need you to go get you some life and try this again."

I guess the saying that common sense ain’t so common has been carefully and thoroughly illustrated here. What is so sad about this novel is the fact that there is a real story somewhere hidden amongst the rubble of this train wreck on the way to the city of Kinktropolis, but I don’t even care to piece it all together. This novel is definitely a no for me. No there was no connection to characters and no I do not want to finish reading it and no to the necessity for a follow-up. 

I wish anyone willing to take a chance at reading this book, Happy Reading, because like the saying goes, one (wo)man’s junk is another (wo)man’s treasure. Good Luck with this one folks…

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