Monday, February 17, 2014

Rock Bottom by: R. K. Lilley

Sweet-baby- jesus –in-a-manger -take-the-wheel!!! This book has just given me new life that I didn’t even know I needed.  In this installment of Tristan and Danika’s story, all H-E-Double Hockey Sticks breaks loose. Tristan’s music career is on the rise and so is his love for Danika. Oh, and so is his use of any illegal substance he can get his hands on when he and Danika are apart. Danika is aware of Tristan’s descent into the abyss and is faced with making some very tough decisions.

To say that these two were up against all odds in this novel would be a gross understatement of the… like… for for-e-ver. But in the end they made it…well Tristan at least made it out physically in one piece, while Danika made it through with enough baggage to carry her for many years to come. I honestly felt a lost at the end of this emotionally charged book. I wanted to know more. I wanted it to go on. I wanted the old Tristan and Danika back. Instead, I was left having known a gorgeous guy named Tristan and a beautiful girl named Danika that are now just two ships passing in the night. 

Moving on… I can hardly wait until March 11th because R.K. Lilley will continue the story of these star crossed lovers with the third installment entitled Lovely Trigger. If this book is as good as Bad Things and better than Rock Bottom, then I am going to need to take a mental health day to get my life together, get my head back in the game, and process all the emotions this book will take me through.  Job well done Mrs. Lilley...Job well done!!!

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