Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Unscrupulous by Avery Aster

 What, What, What, did I just read? I thought the description of the book Unscrupulous was interesting so I requested a copy from Netgalley. As I began reading, I fell in- like with the two main characters. I read the prologue and the first chapter and thought the characters were developed and multi-layered. I was provided with enough background of the heroine, Taddy Adeline aka Red, where I thought she was likeable and peeked my interest to want to know more about her. She was basically erased from all family portraits because her mother was hot in the pants which left Taddy’s paternity in question. Taddy survived by any means necessary and worked hard to be the successful business woman that she had become. Now that Warner, aka Big Daddy, was completely loveable instantly.  He learned the valuable lesson of loving and losing before he was 30 and attempted to love again. However, he learned a humbling lesson that all that glitter is not gold or pyrite, but just a rock that the sun caught at the right angle with his false as heck ex-fiancee. Now that thang was cray!

Having both dealt with tragedies in their lives each character is loyal to their families. Warner has his parents and a free spirited, ex-super model brother while Taddy has a family of friends that have been with her in good and awful times and her employees of her successful company, Brill, Inc. With both main characters being workaholics, the majority of the story is written in Taddy’s voice and it’s just a plain-‘ole-everyday-weirded-out-hot-mess and I would like to think that some of her actions are just fiction and not art imitating life. That would be absolutely…well it is Manhattan… and they do have the wealth of demi-royality… I suppose somewhere out there it’s possible. I mean a definition of unscrupulous is having or showing no moral principles.

I digress, the best part of the story, other than the prologue and Chapter 1, was near the end when Warner and Taddy finally reconnected. I absolutely loved his character and wished that I could have read more of the story from his perspective. However, from that point, the story got really good but it was so rushed that I felt I was missing something. I actually thought I missed something and read it again, but apparently I didn’t miss a thing. The story just ended leaving me wanting to know more about Big Daddy and how he loved some sense into Taddy. I have no intentions of reading anymore of the books in this series because they are really just too much for being too much. So my advice to you would be don’t do it…unless you want some for real, for real smut, otherwise you will find yourself  re-evaluating your life and choices when it comes to your selections in books.

But then, I read a description of a future book by this author entitled maybe... just maybe...

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