Saturday, March 29, 2014

Layers Deep by: Lacey Silks

Well… I have finally finished the book after several failed attempts over the past few months to get past Chapter Two.  I am not sure what it was or why there was such a horrible disconnect for me to forge past these word and on to the next chapter and then the next. There was initially no connection that I felt for the main characters, Tristan Cross and Allie Green, or was there any motivation to want to know more about them. However, I continued to try and try again until I somehow made it past the first two chapters to the third chapter.

It was at this point of the story that a switch came on and I could not put the book down. I finally began to understand Allie Green and her motivations in life as a young police officer. By chapter four, I began to see some real chemistry between Tristan and Allie and see that he was good at what he does, which is all things security as he and his family run a multi-fafillion dollar operation to include, PI, personal security, undercover operations, and even hold some top governmental contracts.

The intimacy between these two is hawt and there is obviously some emotion in play between them. Rather its love or lust these two form a partnership and trust that is swoon worthy. Something I really liked in this book, once I got into the story, was how their families were just as a part of this story as the lust/love birds themselves.

My recommendation to any reader of this review would be to keep pushing past the ramblings of the first two chapters because it does get better. The storyline will take you here there and there there and will literally leave you breathless. I mean I found myself waiting in anticipation of the big reveal, but then it just stopped. The storyline stopped…like the end…like thank you for stopping by but be sure to check out Layers Peeled.

I digress, as I am about to purchase Layers Peeled because I just have to find out what happens next.

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Review provided in exchange for a complimentary copy offered by Victory Editing via Netgalley.

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