Friday, July 18, 2014

Perfectly Normal (The Beast, #2) by: Jaden Wilkes

O-M-G!!! That was one HAWT read!!! Perfectly Normal by Jaden Wilkes gave me a little of everything that I never knew I needed in a novella. Dimitri and Columbia are finally happy in this follow-up to The Beast. I mean nothing about their relationship is “conventional” but in Perfectly Normal these two, in their atypical way, see sprinkles of HD techni-color in their once grey and gloomy lives.

They love. They engage in kink-foolery. They train, fight, and kill. They absolutely give you everything they have in this story of love in a hopeless place. Even the concierge gets a name and a voice and a strong supporting role in some of the tom-kinkery that ensues. He went from a guy lurking in the shadow to a lead in the Dimitri & Columbia show.
I must say that I REALLY liked the story this novella told. If you are a Jaden Wilkes fan, you already know this book is not for the faint of heart, how so and ever it is not too dark, slightly grey but not a dark dark tale. I mean, there are a lot more darker and more disturbing stories out there. 

I digress. In this novella, Jaden Wilkes made the love of two abnormal individuals seem perfectly normal. Job well done Mrs. Wilkes…job well done!!!
But that Epilogue though…? I cannot say that I have completed my review without mentioning the epilogue that introduced an entire cast of new characters out of absolutely nowhere. I don’t know where Jaden Wilkes is taking her readers, but I must say I was slightly intrigued and definitely am awaiting to see where she is heading with this one.
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