Friday, August 29, 2014

All In by: Autumn Stark

Jay Markham, a wildly popular actor and a chronic womanizer, has become bored with his life. Jay decides to take a break and goes to visit his life-long best friend and famous romance novelist, Anthony Tate. But just because Jay decides to take a break doesn’t mean his fans will let him. The fans and the paparazzi follow him to the small Washington town and, in an effort to escape a particularly dogged fan, Jay ducks into the first open door he can find.

Parker Hardisson is a fairly normal, if self-contained, woman in her, ahem, early thirties. Relatively happy with her life as a freelance translator, she gets to work out of her own home and enjoy her life as quiet and drama-free as possible. So what if she’s a teensy bit lonely? So what if there’s some part of her that wants to explore the world? Things are working out just fine. So, when a mega-movie star comes slamming into her house, she wonders if she’s finally cracked.

Parker seizes the opportunity to make the deal of a lifetime. No strings, no questions. The problem is, Jay is playing this game by his own rules.
I REALLY liked it!!! I was first introduced to Parker and Jay in book one of the In Plain Sight series entitled Break Me. Consequently, Parker Hardisson and Jay Markham are the respective best friends of Anthony Tate and Abigail Stevens, whose first time meeting was anything but conventional for several reasons. One, Jay had no idea who Parker was and two, because Parker knew exactly who he was, what she wanted from him, and set out to get it. However, she wasn’t even fully prepared for what exactly she was going to be getting from “Mr. Could Hurt a Woman if He’s Not Careful”.

What I liked the most about this story was that not only was Parker surprised by what developed between her and Jay; he was as equally surprised. Jay didn’t even recognize his own actions. All he knew was that he had something that he wanted to keep at all costs neglecting all of his actions.
Just like book one in this series, book two entitled All In, was well written and each character was equally entertaining. And just like the first book, Abby’s brothers intervened and defended Parker using a VERY hands-on approach. Although they walked away unscathed, Jay was not as fortunate and had to miss a few days away from the set of his latest movie.
I digress. I must say that usually I do not like books that dive right into the kink-freakiness. However, there was enough substance in the first two to three chapters that made the progression from “hey how you doing” to “bom chicka wah wah” easy and authentic. You saw and felt the attraction and chemistry between both Jay and Parker. It was not too much that would cause me to clutch my pearls like some novels I have read and/or not finished.  
Like the first book in this series, I really liked this book and would recommend you to run and read All In by Autumn Stark and although its a series, there is no cliff hanger and it can be read as a stand alone. It is both steamy and swoon worthy all at the same time. However, I do hope there is another book in this series… maybe we will get a chance to stare into the love lives of Abby’s brothers.

A complimentary copy was provided via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.


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