Thursday, June 18, 2015

Sex Becomes Her by: Regina Cole


Eliza's last relationship ended in ruins, and she's anything but eager to jump back into something serious. A trip to Hawaii for her best friend's wedding couldn't come at a better time. Showing up without a date is the least of her worries. In fact, it may even play into her wildest fantasies when the perfect hunk of a man appears before her…


With Chandler's divorce behind him he's ready to move on, so he heads to Hawaii for his cousin's wedding. The moment his eyes encounter Eliza's sultry curves and sensual lips, he's more than ready for a night of non-stop sex. But despite the heat of their unbridled carnal pleasure, Eliza is still afraid to tell him about her forbidden desires. And when their casual affair follows them home, it threatens to alter their lives forever.

So… about this novel…I can say this was not a favorite of mine. I mean it wasn’t bad and I didn’t hate it nor was it good and I definitely didn’t love it, it was somewhere in the middle. Sex Becomes Her by Regina Cole chronicles the life of Eliza Jackson, a small town girl with big dreams of kink-foolery and Chandler Morse, a recent divorcee who is single and ready to mingle. So, what could go wrong when these two single individuals meet up at a wedding in an exotic location and end up knock-boots? Well, I will tell you what goes wrong; Eliza and her top secret issue-non-issue.

See, Eliza is a pariah in her hometown because she trusted the wrong person, her ex, with her tom-kinkery fantasies and he in turn did the most mature thing possible, tell everyone who would listen to his shenanigans plus some colorful embellishments. As a result, Eliza lives her life as a hermit afraid of herself and getting too close to others. Thus, leading up to all the problems I had with this book.

Firstly, why is this grown woman hiding from herself because her ex-boyfriend was a prick? Secondly, what kind of self-esteem issues will allow you to one, feel bad about your boudoir activities and two, what dude gossips like he is a member of the Plastics from Mean Girls?

I digress. The beginning of the story was okay and I liked it a tad, but it got a little too good to be true until it was borderline just too much. As far as the characters were, the supporting characters were interesting, but something seemed off about a few of them, Chandler was likeable but Eliza was too much drama for no reason. She did not have to stay in her hometown, even her parents had left, but she chose to endure the endless harassment and mistreatment by others. And the secret she was holding onto throughout the entire novel was just… L-A-M-E.

How-so-and-ever, I have to end this review as simple yet complicated as I began, Sex Becomes Her by Regina Cole wasn’t bad and I didn’t hate it, or was it great and I didn’t love it. So, my recommendation is, for you to just check this one out for yourself. 
A complimentary copy was provided via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.


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