Thursday, June 25, 2015

Sweet Agony by Charlotte Stein

The live-in position is an opportunity for Molly to earn and escape a problematic family. There’s just one drawback. Her employer is the most eccentric, aloof and closed off man she's ever encountered. His rules are bizarre and his needs even more so, and caring for his ramshackle Dickensian home is far more than she ever bargained for. Only their increasingly intense conversations stop her heading for the door. Cyrian Harcroft is a man of many mysteries and secrets, and the more she learns the greedier she is for each and every one. Especially when she discovers his greatest fear: any kind of physical contact. Now all she has to do is dig a little deeper, to unearth the passion she knows he can feel…
There was so much potential in Sweet Agony by Charlotte Stein and I am convinced, that this story of Molly Parker and Cyrian Harcroft could have been a tale to talk about for at least... hours after it had ended. However, this was not the case. It was apparent that the characters provoked a certain level of intrigue but the small details of their lives were muddled with tons of Molly’s internal dialogue mixed with Cyrian’s kinky tendencies and their Gilmore Girls like banter.   
There were so many questions that I was left with when this story ended and so little answer were available to be had, like why was he so dang gone weird. Sure, his daddy was mean to him, but dang it man, that just didn’t add up to the way he acted, talked, and even dressed. And what did he do for a living? I get that he was probably of a certain socio-economic status, but what did he do besides wonder around a big ole rickety house? And where did clothes miraculous come from that fit Molly perfectly because there was no talk of any other characters interacting until the very end.
I digress. Sure, this book was kinky and had the makings of something great. How-so-and-ever, it fell way short for me. I am not sure how to rate this one or what I would recommend for anyone to do with it, but if you like to read your porno-graphies, Sweet Agony by Charlotte Stein is the book for you.
A complimentary copy was provided via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review

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