Monday, March 6, 2017

Mr. Bossy by: Danika Dare

About Mr. Bossy

It had been such a simple idea. Help the hot billionaire make his cheating ex jealous. 
And he wasn’t just any billionaire. He was a filthy-talking Russian who was bossy as hell, gorgeous as sin, and wouldn’t take no for an answer. And he was paying well. 
Thirty thousand dollars, half up front, to spend the weekend with a handsome, filthy-talking billionaire. Who could resist? Not this exhibitionist good girl. 

Filthy-talking Russian. 
He walked into her club looking for the type of woman who could accommodate his needs. 
He found so much more. 

Exhibitionist good girl. 
She was in the business of temptation, and he was temptation incarnate. 
He had money, looks, and a proposition that even she couldn’t resist. 
Would Mr. Bossy make her break all of her rules? 

Warning: This is a filthy, smut-filled, sheet-clawing, over-the-top, love story about finding forever in all the wrong places. This is romantic, smoking hot ladyporn at its dirtiest. 
This standalone contains a HEA and a satisfying Epilogue. Enjoy. 18+ recommended.

My Review

I must say I was not interested in this title initially. I usually don't go for the obvious, you know those books with strip clubs, propositions, revenge on an ex... you know things like that that make the read sound so cliche-ish. But then I learn that the book was written by one of my favorite authors and so out of loyalty, I one-clicked. So, there I sat reading Mr. Bossy by Danika Dare about stripper, who is clearly a feature performer by the name of Greta. She has rules like no other "working girl" I've heard of, I mean its not like I know a lot of strippers personally, but I am going to go out on a limb with this one.Greta is the bees knees and does not go to the "Champagne Room" or  any VIP section of the club. She does not give private dances and her only duties are to shake it fast on the pole and serve drink. She is rather high-falutin with the original story of I needed a lot of money fast.

One night during a set Kash walks into the club and has plans and ideas of his own and bingo-bango we are on our way riding the smutty waves of getting it in. See, Kash story is... he gots billions and needs to  make his ex jealous by attending her wedding with a gorgeous date, Greta. So, the story moves pretty fast and there is instant chemistry between Kash and Greta. But you know with instant chemistry comes insta-drama and such. They do the wedding, some kink foolery, some more kink foolery, and a happily ever after with stripper poles everywhere, and then we're done. The end. The story stops. 

Well...this read was quick, fast, and to the point with just enough story there to pull you in and keep you interested, but then it leaves you there stranded, needing answers. Like any answer would have sufficed after I read the last word. How could R.K.... I mean Danika Dare do this to me? Will we see these two again? Was this just a one book stand? Why again was he making his ex-jealous and who is and where is them babies' daddy? I don't even know how to feel about this one or what to tell you to to do.

I digress. I have to tell you something, right? I mean I have had you reading this far along, I should at least rate this book right? Well fine, I will give this read 3.5-stars and recommend that you jog on out and read Mr. Bossy by Danika Dare.

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