Friday, February 14, 2014

Bad Things by: R.K. Lilley

WOW!!! I did not see this one coming. This novel was just plain ole everyday GOOD!!!

I was introduced to Tristan and Danika in the Up In The Air series and this, the first installment of their own story left me breathless. The beginning of their love affair was so normal and cute. Tristan was far from a billionaire. He is just a gorgeous bad boy with many talents that included singing, cooking, magic, and MAGIC (if you know what I mean). While Danika, is a college student who works for an awesomely supportive family as their nanny.

Nearly every character introduced is so well developed and interact seamlessly in this surprisingly, awesome story. R.K. Lilley is so clever with her writing style that you get so entranced in the love story that is developing with Tristan and Danika that you fail to see the small clues that indicate that alcohol and women aren’t Tristan’s only vices. She deals with substance abuse from a shockingly real perspective as many may have endured when dealing with a loved one’s dependency on drugs and/or alcohol.

Both characters have dark pasts that lead them to become dependent on one another to fill their empty voids…the raw needs that they both have learned to mask from the outside world and even themselves. All in all I absolutely loved this novel!!! It had its ups, downs, and upside downs just in the first book. I can’t wait to tell you about Book Two entitled Rock Bottom.

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