Sunday, April 6, 2014

The Beast by: Jaden Wilkes

As I was looking for the next read, I happened upon The Beast. I was unsure if I was ready to leave the fairytale happily ever afters because like most folks,  I too, can appreciate a happy ending at the conclusion of a romance novel or trilogy. How-so-and-ever, curiosity got the best of me as I clicked to purchase this novel written by Jaden Wilkes. Wow, was all I could say as the story unfolded before my eyes with Dimitri “The Enforcer” Sokolov the scarred, vicious, member of a Russian crime family who I cannot quite use the word “hero” as an adjective to describe him. And then there is Columbia Grey, the nurturing and abused lady of the moment who I cannot quite apply the word “heroine”.

Now cue the Kill Bill Vol. 1 soundtrack.

I was not prepared for anything this book had to offer. I cringed a little bit as I turned its pages and learned more about these characters as their story progressed. Columbia, on her first stint as a “play-play” activist, sneaks into the home of this billionaire businessman named Jarrod Jacobs, who wants to develop something or another in her neighborhood. Just like a honey badger, who takes what it wants, Jarrod, who is actually Dimitri snatches up Columbia and is unsure what to do with her next.  Why not call the police you may ask, while that would be the logical thing to do, but would bring a quick end to the book. So instead Dimitri holds her captive and doesn’t know what to do with her, partly because he spends half his days obsessed with revenge on the crime boss who disfigured him and thinks she has come to kill him and the other half because he hasn’t had any twat in a while and doesn’t know how to order up one of his play-thangs since he pays someone to do that for him.
I digress, these two characters had enough hurt and disappointment to pass around to every inhabitant of some small island somewhere in the world. From absent loved ones, to unimaginable abuse, to ultimate betrayals, they had most of the odds stacked against them. They were better for finding each other and eventually they get their very own version of a happy ending. It was a bit rushed at the end, but I can honestly say it was one of the most unique happy endings I’ve read to date and the most deserved I suppose, in a Kill Bill kind of way.
Well, I can’t say I regret reading The Beast, it was an okay read and there is a high probability that I will be reading more of Jaden Wilkes’ novels. However, at this time, I need to return to my regularly scheduled readings with rainbows and the typical “happy” happily ever afters.

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