Thursday, January 15, 2015

Just The Way You Are by: Beverly Barton

The South sizzles New York Times bestselling author Beverly Barton's sultry tale of a woman torn between two brothers. . .

Mary Beth Caine has always been the good girl in her small Mississippi town. But when a big, protective, shamelessly sexy stranger offers to console her on the night of her disastrous engagement party, Mary Beth lets him--only to discover that Parr Weston also happens to be the older brother of her fiancé, Bobby Joe.

Parr left Mississippi after years spent holding his family together. Now that he's back, he can't steal Bobby r she deserves. But everything about the petite beauty--from her flame-gold hair to her artless sensuality--makes Joe's woman, and he sure can't offer Mary Beth the tidy happily-ever-after him crave her more. Love or lust, right or wrong, all he knows is that nothing has ever felt like this before, and walking away will be the hardest thing he's ever had to do...

Just the Way You Are by Beverly Barton was good! This was really a good story with a Southern setting in a small town in Mississippi and surrounding towns and Southern states. Mary Beth Caine was definitely a good girl that always tried to do the right thing that held her bound to her fiancé Bobby Joe. While on the other hand Bobby Joe had good intentions but always seemed to fall short, especially when it came to being honest and faithful. I mean, he stayed ready to chase a dress tail when he thought no one was looking even at his very own engagement party.

But don’t you cry for Little Miss Sunshine, Mary Beth just yet, because, after she caught Bobby Joe with an ex in a closet, getting it in at their engagement party; she found her refuge and an instant spark in the arms of a handsome stranger who turns out to be her future brother-in-law. That’s right Booby Joe’s big, bad, and oh-so-good-looking, brother Parr is the one that Mary Beth unknowingly runs to for comfort. However, after the instant spark with Parr, Mary Beth feels conflicted by what’s right and how he makes her feels.
No worries though, their mother enters, who loves her boys, recognizes that something is a brewing between Parr and Mary Beth. She then asks Parr to get Mary Beth back with Bobby Joe and because he is the dutiful son, Parr does just that and spends most of the novel with an ‘achy-breaky’ heart. Conversely, Mary Beth continues to try to carry-on business as usual as her heart sings for Parr. But one night when random ole Bobby Joe is having a random mood swing and causes a tragic accident the novel turns full circle as family secrets are revealed and the undeniable attraction between Parr and Mary Beth can no longer be ignored by them or anyone else and for once Bobby Joe is truly acts even more like the sleaze-ball he already showed us he was.

I really enjoyed this novel. It is a contemporary romance that is well written and well paced. I would have loved to keep reading about what happened after that one thing happened, but like all good things, it came to an end. Just the Way You Are by Beverly Barton is a very sweet story about love, loyalty, and family, and how Mary Beth and Parr finally manages to put all those precious things in their proper places and find their true happiness.

My recommendation for you would be to skip on over and read  Just the Way You Are by Beverly Barton. Its definitely worth a read.

A complimentary copy was provided via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. 

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