Saturday, August 8, 2015

Absolute Lovers by SJ Hooks

Professor Stephen Worthington has been schooled in the bedroom by free-spirited student Julia Wilde. But what started as a casual arrangement has turned into so much more—at least for Stephen.

Head over heels, Stephen is tired of being just “sex buddies.” Julia’s resisting, but her blithe attitude towards keeping it casual may just be a front. Can he prove to her that their amazing sexual chemistry can mix with romance and ultimately win her heart?

In this eagerly awaited sequel to S.J. Hooks’ successful first novel, Absolute Beginners, readers will find themselves riding alongside Stephen and Julia’s highs and lows as their friends-with-benefits relationship reaches a crossroads. Absolute Lovers’ humor and romance will tease and delight both dedicated fans and new readers alike.

 Absolute Lovers is the final installment in the Absolute Novels series.

*This novel contains mature content.

Absolute Lovers is the second novel in the Absolute series written by SJ Hooks. This story picked up right where Absolute Beginners left off, with Julia and Stephen apart a horrible misunderstanding between the two of them. Stephen is literally, lovesick and is moping around while Julia is simply trying to hold on after the death of her grandfather.

This installment had all of the supporting characters as book one, but took a deeper look into the lives of both Stephen and Julia. However, their back stories did seem a bit shallow and could have used a little more depth. I mean, maybe it’s just me, but I wanted to know a little bit more about the how and why Stephen had his boudoir complex besides his one encounter with what’s her face.  Also, I wanted to learn more about the how and why Julia was able to take off around Europe at such a young age. You also get a glimpse of how smart Julia really is as a student.

I digress. Overall, I liked this book and I really wanted more to happen, like I wanted to read more about these two love birds and the funky bunch of friends and family. Also, this book had some of the same banter I enjoyed in book one, Absolute Beginners and you could definitely see the evolution of these characters and their love for each other.

Therefore, I would give this book 4-stars and would recommend you jog and read Absolute Lovers, by SJ Hooks.
A complimentary copy was provided via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

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